Reinvigorate Your Sexual Health This Year with TempSure Vitalia

A healthy sex life is a happy sex life, and sometimes it’s difficult to maintain. Many couples face issues with their sex life for a number of reasons. Maybe you work odd shifts, or are exhausted after working and dealing with kids all day. Maybe you’ve just lost the spark. Unfortunately we can’t help with that, but we can help with another common issue: vaginal health.

Especially common after childbirth, vaginal injury, and menopause, changes in your vagina may cause a number of unwelcome effects that take a serious toll on your sex life. These effects include vaginal dryness, loss of elasticity, and loss of tightness of the labia and vaginal cavity.

Studies show that only about 25% of women consistently achieve vaginal orgasm, meaning you and your partner may not be feeling the best about your sexual lives. We’ll be the first to tell you: if this is a problem you and your partner experience, you are not alone, and it is not your fault! But let us also tell you that we have a solution for you: TempSure Vitalia.

How will TempSure Vitalia help me?

TempSure Vitalia is part of the TempSure system of skin tightening and rejuvenation, much like our facial rejuvenation process, TempSure Envia. This process is a pain- and surgery-free way to tighten and tone your vaginal area inside and out, increasing your confidence, sex drive, and pleasure.

TempSure Vitalia works by jump-starting your body’s natural collagen production, which in turn rebuilds areas that have experienced collagen loss due to childbirth, injury, or menopause.

The Vitalia system is a comfortable probe that uses specially designed radio frequencies to stimulate the vaginal canal, telling your body to produce new collagen and elastin in treated areas – both internally and externally. After your Tempsure Vitalia procedure, you may expect to see:

  • An improvement in your sexual well-being
  • An increase in vaginal and labial tightening
  • An increase in vaginal lubrication and sensitivity
  • A decrease in urinary or incontinence problems
  • A decrease in pain during intercourse
  • Increased confidence in your vaginal well-being

The increased production of collagen and elastin helps your body to rebuild damaged areas, creating a firmer vagina and increased confidence and pleasure. Additionally, vaginal rejuvenation with TempSure Vitalia helps to restore your vagina’s natural lubrication, increasing pleasure and minimizing pain during intercourse.

How long does it take?

Unlike surgical treatments, TempSure Vitalia is quick, easy, and painless. Each treatment lasts about 15-30 minutes, depending on your specific needs. You should begin seeing results fairly quickly after your treatment, with results continuing to get better as time progresses.

Typical treatment frequency will vary. You may require more than one initial treatment to see the results you desire. Once those results have been achieved, we will set you up on a maintenance plan.

Because there is no associated pain and no downtime, this procedure could even be performed on your lunch break! The probe is small enough to fit comfortably within you, and there is no pain associated with the actual procedure – just a warming sensation!

Am I a candidate for TempSure Vitalia treatments?

If you experience lack of confidence, a dull sex drive, painful intercourse, or incontinence, you may be a candidate for TempSure Vitalia. No need to worry about surgery, recovery, downtime, or hiding from your peers while you heal. TempSure Vitalia removes the need for all of that.

When you come in for your initial consultation, Dr. Chappell will discuss your medical history and find out what your exact needs are from the TempSure Vitalia treatment before setting a plan.

Make 2019 the year you invest in your sexual health! You don’t have to live without confidence and happiness in your sex life. Contact us today to make an appointment with Dr. Chappell at our Petaluma, CA office to get your sex life back on track. We’ll help you feel sexy and confident again.


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