Here’s What You Should Know About TempSure™ Envi, One of the Most Popular Anti-Aging Treatments

As you age, your skin begins to lose two of its biggest allies: collagen and elastin. As your body produces less of these proteins, your skin is more prone to stretching and sagging. The results, such as sagging skin, a turkey neck, crow’s feet, deep forehead lines, smile lines, and wrinkles, can make you look your age, or even older. Your skin loses tone, elasticity, and its youthful glow.

Who wouldn’t want to look in the mirror and see yourself as you looked years ago? It’s possible to embrace aging for the wisdom and experience you gain along the way, and still try to preserve an appearance you remember much more fondly.

You’ll find no shortage of advice out there about how to deal with signs of aging. Options range from Botox® injections, which prevent lines caused by muscle contractions, to creams and serums, to microdermabrasion and surgery like face-lifts and eye lifts.

Dr. David Chappell knows that drastic measures like surgery aren’t for everyone. He knows his patients in and around Petaluma, California, are looking for safe, noninvasive, effective treatments that give them back their youthful looks without costing them the time and expense involved in plastic surgery.

TempSure™ Envi: No pain, lots of gain

With the advancement of technology, TempSure™ Envi refreshes and rejuvenates your face without you ever going near an operating room.

By generating high levels of heat that penetrate the deepest layers of skin, the device stimulates collagen production by triggering the body’s response to repair the skin. Over time, you get a tighter, smoother, more toned complexion.

FDA-approved TempSure™ Envi can provide skin-tightening results in as little as 35-60 minutes, and it comes with no major side effects or recovery time, so you can get straight back to the office or wherever life takes you when you walk out of Dr. Chappell’s office.

During the treatment

Dr. Chappell ensures you’re comfortable and explains the procedure. He then prepares your skin with a gel, programs the device to the specifications for your treatment, and holds a probe against your skin.

Although the TempSure™ Envi delivers radiofrequency energy at a high temperature, patients report that the treatment is almost entirely painless and compare it to the feeling of receiving a hot stone massage. Your body responds to the heat generated by the device by sending growth factor hormones to the dermis, improving skin tone and producing new collagen. As a dual benefit, the heat from the TempSure™ Envi device causes your existing collagen to contract, which instantly improves skin tone.

After the treatment

You’re able to go home immediately following treatment. There may be a little redness, which is to be expected given the high temperatures used during the treatment, though this should be mild and should fade on its own within a day or so.

Results should be visible straight away — you may notice a healthy glow and instantly tighter-looking skin. Individual results will vary, but this improvement to skin tone should keep improving over a few weeks. Dr. Chappell recommends around six sessions to be performed about a month apart, but he determines an individual treatment plan based on your skin and your desired results.

You can take control and regain your youthful looks and confidence with the revolutionary TempSure™ Envi therapy at the Institute for Health Management Aesthetics. Call or make an appointment here on the website to learn how Dr. Chappell can help you dial back the clock on your skin’s signs of aging.


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