Beyond Beauty: 5 Crucial Reasons to Achieve a Healthy Weight

We all see those models, actors and singers that have perfect bodies: the kind of bodies that most of us don’t see in our everyday lives, and the kind of body that we can never achieve. But working toward a healthy weight is something we can all do. Being overweight has very real costs to our health and our lifestyle.

1. Diabetes

Obesity and diabetes go together like cupcakes and frosting. Obesity is linked to insulin resistance. This is a condition where the body confuses insulin with other chemicals.

In some obese people, the fat cells may secrete chemicals that the body confuses with insulin. When this happens, the pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin to counteract blood sugar. This means the body doesn’t metabolize sugar as it should. The kidneys can be damaged as they are forced to filter out the unused sugar.

2. Heart disease

All those fat cells need oxygen and food, so your heart has to pump blood to every single cell. This puts more stress on the heart of an overweight person than on the heart of someone with a healthy weight.

It also means the blood starts out at a higher pressure to get to all those cells, leading to high blood pressure. Consistent high blood pressure also damages the heart muscle, leading to a greater risk of heart disease. Every pound lost reduces the risk of permanent heart damage.

3. Sleep apnea

More fat, especially around the face and neck, leads to a greater risk of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a condition where the soft palate closes while the person sleeps, cutting off breathing through the airway. In some cases, this wakes the person up. But many people don’t realize they have the condition.

Sleep apnea can have many symptoms, including daytime fatigue and frequent waking during the night. Many people who suffer from sleep apnea also snore loudly, making their partner uncomfortable. While there are a variety of solutions and devices to help sleep apnea sufferers, losing weight can remedy the problem.

4. Joint problems

Carrying around extra weight does more than just damage your heart and kidneys. It also puts wear and tear on your joints. People who are overweight risk hip, knee, ankle and foot issues. The extra weight breaks down the cartilage in those joints as the person walks and runs. Joint pain makes exercise difficult, and without exercise, the weight problem worsens.

This cycle only makes the person more unhealthy. In addition, depending on the level of obesity, the doctor may refuse to perform joint replacement surgery, since the extra weight makes the procedure more dangerous. And, of course, feet ultimately carry around all that extra weight. They need extra support. So say goodbye to those cute, high-heeled shoes.

5. Financial issues

It’s expensive to be overweight. Overweight people use many more resources than thinner people. They need more cloth in their clothing, so many larger sizes are more expensive. Plus, most sale items fit only the smaller sizes. But that’s not the only issue.

Overweight travelers end up paying more to get seats that are comfortable. In some cases, airlines require large people to purchase two tickets. Many of the health issues already discussed come with their own price tags. Type 2 diabetes testing materials and medication aren’t cheap. Sleep apnea devices are also pricey, and the cost of joint replacement or physical therapy can break the bank.

But the good news is, no one has to live with extra weight. Dr. Chappell has a proven track record of working with clients to shed those unwanted pounds with a medically supervised weight loss program. While you may not look like a supermodel, you will look like a slimmer, healthier you.


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