Recently Lost Weight? Here’s How to Tighten That Loose, Sagging Skin.

Losing any amount of weight is a time for celebration. However, for people who have lost at least 100 pounds, this weight loss can have a devastating impact. When weight loss is that high, it can lead to loose, sagging skin, which has its own set of symptoms, including a loss of positive appearance and a diminished quality of life.

Why we have loose, sagging skin after weight loss

During weight gain, our skin expands to accommodate the new weight. The longer a person either remains in this state or continues to gain weight, the more the skin expands to meet the demands.

Our skin has the ability to bounce back after weight gain, as is the case with many mothers. However, that is a result of a short-term weight gain and loss.  In many cases, people who have been carrying excess weight for long periods of time will likely suffer from sagging, loose skin. This happens because over time, the collagen fibers in the skin lose much of their elasticity or ability to rebound.

Side effects of loose, sagging skin

In addition to the physical and emotional impact of having loose skin, several additional side effects may affect those dealing with loose, sagging skin, including:

Nonsurgical ways to tighten loose, sagging skin

Just because you may have loose, sagging skin does not mean you have to stay that way.  There are a number of nonsurgical ways you can do to help tighten your loose, sagging skin. Some of these include:

Surgical intervention

Although there are nonsurgical ways you can combat loose, sagging skin, the best option is body contouring surgery, Body contouring surgery is a method to help remove and reshape the excess skin on your body. You should note, however, that this type of surgery isn’t scheduled for a single procedure. You may need several surgeries on different parts of your body for contouring to be effective.

As with any medical procedure, it is wise to consult an expert in their field. David Chappell, MD, of the Institute for Health Management is an aesthetics physician and an obesity specialist.  If you are suffering from loose, sagging skin after weight loss, please call our office for an appointment at (707) 762-0001. You can also request for an appointment online.

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